Our Mission

We are a technology company specialising in Green Energy solutions.


Global warming due to greenhouse gas’ such as CO2 is altering the earth’s climate systems, causing more frequent and extreme weather effects and rising sea levels. The environment is fast approaching a tipping point where if we don’t change from burning fossil fuels, our children are likely to inherit a dangerously destabilized planet.

Renewable energy from sources such as wind and solar is helping decarbonize electricity production but achieving net zero carbon emissions in the UK will also require removing CO2 from heating, transport, and industrial processes. Hydrogen is now being championed as the main alternative fuel source that could help achieve a truly decarbonized economy and reduce imported energy dependency.

We develop ‘smart’ technologies that enable OEM’s and consumers to realise the benefits of adopting hydrogen-based solutions having lower running costs while helping to save the environment.

The only by-product from our technology is water!

Unlocking Clean Energy Potential with EVO3: Green Hydrogen Solutions for a Sustainable Future


  • Land: Powers zero-emission electric vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses.
  • Sea: Fuels hydrogen-powered ships and barges, offering a clean alternative to heavy fuel oil.
  • Air: Propels hydrogen-powered airplanes, revolutionising clean air travel for short and medium-range flights.
Consumers and Communities:

Enables decentralised hydrogen production for household heating, local businesses, and community microgrids.

Energy Storage and Network Balancing: Stores excess renewable energy as hydrogen, creating a resilient and flexible grid.

Industry Feedstock: Replaces fossil fuels in energy-intensive industries like steel and refining, driving decarbonization efforts.

As the world races to embrace renewable energy and combat climate change, hydrogen is emerging as a game-changer. 2HGEN’s EVO3 technology revolutionises green hydrogen production, offering a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solution for diverse industries and applications.

Key Advantages of EVO3:

  • Zero-Carbon Footprint: Powered by renewable electricity, EVO3 eliminates greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with net-zero carbon targets.
  • Membrane-Less Core Technology: This innovative design reduces capital costs and optimizes running expenses, making green hydrogen production more accessible.
  • Versatile Applications: EVO3 empowers a wide range of industries and communities to embrace clean energy.

Embrace the future of clean energy with EVO3, a revolutionary patented electrolysis technology poised to reshape the hydrogen landscape. Unlike traditional electrolysers, EVO3 unlocks new possibilities with its unique membrane-less core, paving the way for high-volume, cost-effective green hydrogen production.

EVO3 sets the benchmark for innovation. Its adaptability extends beyond standard freshwater sources, effortlessly processing seawater to generate clean hydrogen. This revolutionary capability unlocks new horizons for hydrogen production, making it accessible in regions with limited freshwater resources.

By choosing EVO3, you’re not just investing in clean energy. You’re becoming a leader in the fight against climate change. Join renowned organisations across industries choosing EVO3 to power their journey towards a zero-carbon future. Be a catalyst for change, an early adopter, and a leader. Be a part of the EVO3 revolution.

Contact us today and discover how EVO3 can empower your transition to the hydrogen era.

Areas of interest

"Impossible only means that we haven’t found the solution yet".

2HGEN revolutionises hydrogen generation with its innovative EVO technology, a compact, portable, and safe solution that harnesses the power of renewable energy and seawater to produce hydrogen on demand. Discover how EVO technology can transform your life and contribute to a cleaner future.

2HGEN introduces the Maritime Hydrogen Generator (MHG), a ground-breaking technology that transforms seawater into clean hydrogen fuel using sunlight. MHG is a standalone module designed for offshore deployment, slashing fuel costs for shipowners and harbour communities and enabling a greener maritime future.

2HGEN unveils the Land Hydrogen Generator (LHG), a game-changing technology that transforms seawater or freshwater into hydrogen gas using solar energy. LHG can provide 24/7 electricity for off-grid households and communities, liberating them from grid-based power systems.

We aim to offer cost effective hydrogen generation technology, producing hydrogen gas, economically, on demand at the point of use.