About Us

2HGEN is a technology start-up dedicated to the advancement of green technology. Fed up with the lack of progress in making the world safer for our children we have joined the growing band of engineers, scientists, economists, and ecologists who are reversing the trend.

We are proud to be problem solvers, and we want to create something that will improve all our futures. Our passion for the environment drives us to stretch beyond our comfort zones and to try to innovate as we consider alternative ideas. We view honest failure as a learning opportunity and success as a bonus.

At 2HGEN it is part of our DNA to care about providing a great service for customers, to our communities. We do this by focusing on their needs, building high-quality products and delivering on our promises.

We are grounded by humility and driven by passion

Our team


Brian Stockford

Brian is the Director of Technology for 2HGEN and leads the company’s R&D and engineering teams. He also oversees 2HGEN’s ongoing expansion into the Green Energy market.

With a background in Science and Aerospace, and with over 30 years’ experience in systems development, Brian now specializes in developing Hydrogen based technologies. He is also responsible for NPI, product safety, and professional development. Using his positive attitude and tireless energy he encourages others to innovate and succeed.

Brian holds a B.Eng. with Honours from UWE.

RJ Photo

Roman Joachym

Roman is the Director of Operations for 2HGEN and oversees all operational aspects of the company’s strategic vision. He is also responsible for the implementation of 2HGEN’s development strategy and creating policies and procedures to ensure that best practice working environments and processes achieve their business objectives.

Roman has more than 15 years’ experience of introducing tools and best practice frameworks across the UK, mainland Europe and Asia. He has extensive experience in setting up, developing, monitoring, and evaluating companies and organisations. Roman creates winning solutions with his innovative 360-degree collaborative leadership style.

Roman holds an MSc with Honours from the University of Bath