One Hydrogen Molecule at a Time

Imagine a world where energy is clean, plentiful, and accessible to all. At 2HGEN, that’s not just a dream, it’s our mission. We’re pioneers in hydrogen technology, crafting innovative solutions that unlock the potential of this powerful, green fuel.

At 2HGEN, we’re not just building technology, we’re building a better tomorrow. Every hydrogen molecule we generate is a step towards a cleaner, greener future for all. Explore our website, delve into our projects, and join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can power a sustainable future, one hydrogen molecule at a time.

EVO Technology

EVO2 full scale model
EVO2 Small scale prototype

2HGEN proudly unveils its revolutionary EVO technology, a breakthrough in hydrogen generation that redefines efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. EVO’s compact and portable design seamlessly integrates into on-site applications, eliminating the need for bulky infrastructure. Unlike conventional systems that rely on hazardous membranes and chemicals, EVO harnesses the power of forced fluid flow and buoyancy forces, ensuring a safe and reliable operation.

EVO’s unique architecture boasts an exceptional capacity to achieve high current densities, translating into greater efficiency and lower production costs. This remarkable technology scales effortlessly from 2 to 50 m3h-1, catering to the diverse requirements of small-scale and industrial operations.

Harnessing the bountiful energy of renewable sources, EVO seamlessly integrates with low-voltage photovoltaic systems, enabling on-demand hydrogen generation. Moreover, EVO’s versatility extends to utilising seawater and raw water, reducing dependence on freshwater resources and promoting environmental sustainability.

With EVO technology, hydrogen production has become a more accessible and affordable reality. 2HGEN is dedicated to continuous innovation, spearheading the development of the next-generation EVO3 system, poised to reduce hydrogen production costs further and bring us closer to the ambitious goal of $2 per kg hydrogen production.

Embrace a cleaner and more sustainable future with 2HGEN’s EVO technology. Contact us today to explore how we can empower your hydrogen production needs and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Maritime Hydrogen Generator

MHG module model

2HGEN revolutionises maritime fuel production with its game-changing Maritime Hydrogen Generator (MHG), a pioneering solution that harnesses the power of sunlight to transform unmodified seawater into clean hydrogen fuel. This transformative technology paves the way for a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

MHG is a standalone generation module effortlessly deployed offshore and is distinctively designed with a self-contained floatation unit. Multiple modules can be seamlessly tethered together, forming a larger floating generation grid capable of adapting to fluctuating demand.

MHG sets new benchmarks in cost-effectiveness, boasting up to 500% lower capital expenditure (CAPEX) and up to 250% lower operational expenditure (OPEX) compared to conventional methods. This translates into a more affordable and accessible clean fuel solution for the maritime industry, empowering shipowners to adopt cleaner energy sources.

Beyond its impact on the maritime sector, MHG holds the potential to revolutionise the availability of offshore hydrogen at ports. By providing a readily accessible supply, MHG facilitates the adoption of hydrogen as a maritime fuel or top-up fuel, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry. This, in turn, benefits the UK consumer as we become increasingly reliant on imported goods delivered by this industry.

2HGEN is steadfast in its commitment to advancing the development of MHG, spearheading the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future for maritime transportation. Contact us today to explore how MHG can contribute to a cleaner tomorrow for the maritime industry and beyond.

Land Hydrogen Generator

LHG model

2HGEN takes a ground-breaking step forward in off-grid energy solutions by introducing its revolutionary Land Hydrogen Generator (LHG), a transformative technology that unleashes the potential of green hydrogen for remote communities. This innovative system harnesses the power of sunlight to transform unmodified seawater or raw freshwater into hydrogen gas, paving the way for a sustainable and affordable energy solution for off-grid households and communities.

Powered by the sun and combined with either a combustion hydrogen engine or hydrogen fuel cells, the LHG offers a seamless and efficient solution for 24/7 electricity generation, liberating off-grid communities from the limitations of traditional grid-based power systems. This innovative technology ensures a reliable and consistent energy supply, empowering communities to thrive even in remote and isolated locations.

The LHG’s versatility extends to hydrogen storage, enabling the system to capture and store excess hydrogen for later use. This feature provides a buffer for households and communities, ensuring uninterrupted power even during periods of limited sunlight or adverse weather conditions.

Cost-effectiveness is at the heart of the LHG’s design. With significantly lower operational costs than conventional generators, the LHG offers an affordable and sustainable energy solution for off-grid communities. This breakthrough technology empowers individuals and communities to break free from the constraints of traditional energy sources and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable future.

2HGEN is committed to advancing the development of the LHG, further optimising its efficiency and scalability to meet the diverse needs of off-grid communities worldwide. Contact us today to learn how the LHG can revolutionise your energy independence and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.