What sets us apart

Beyond Photovoltaics

While solar power is fantastic, it has limitations. Our technology goes beyond by synergistically integrating with photovoltaics to boost the output by 50% and unlock broader applications for hydrogen across multiple sectors.

Photovoltaic boost output

0 %

Low-voltage friendly, no need for expensive transformers.

Stores solar energy as hydrogen with unmatched efficiency.

Cost-Effective Sustainability

We leverage earth-abundant materials, eliminating reliance on rare and expensive elements. This significantly reduces production costs by 30% compared to traditional electrolysers.

Reduced production cost

100 %

Built with abundant, recyclable materials, cutting costs and saving the planet.

Affordable manufacturing, easily scaled to meet demand.

Uncompromising Cleanliness

Say goodbye to polluted water. Our system operates without any added electrolytes, making it environmentally friendly and perfect for use with either seawater or raw water, reducing water degradation in electrolyses.

NO Added electrolytes

100 %

Decomposes only 2% of water.

Zero wastewater, just pure hydrogen fuel.

Empowering Small and Medium Consumers

We focus on delivering practical hydrogen solutions tailored to the needs of smaller and medium-sized businesses and communities, targeting a market worth $12 billion by 2030.

Untapped market focus

First mover advantage

Forget expensive energy bills. Our electrolysers turn sunshine into hydrogen, giving you on-demand clean fuel, not just another electricity meter.

Capture the sun’s power, store it as clean, portable hydrogen. 2HGEN’s technology lets you harness renewable energy, empowering a sustainable future.

Quantifiable Impact

Our EVO3 technology can produce hydrogen at a realistic $6.7/kg, significantly lower than the current $16/kg for green hydrogen and exceeding the International Energy Agency's target of $2/kg by 2030. This represents a potential cost reduction of 88% compared to current green hydrogen prices.

Skip the wait, not the savings

Be among the first to experience it

Unleash the power of the sun starting at $6.7/kg today, achieving $2/kg by 2030. Our electrolysers turn sunshine into fuel, not bills. Invest in a brighter future, fueled by 2HGEN.